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On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 8:59 PM, James Linder <jam at> wrote:

> Where does gnome-terminal store it’s profiles?
> I’ve looked in all the predictable places!

Depends on the version, and more precisely on which key-value store it's
using (different Gnome versions use different ones: gconf is the older one,
dconf the new one). The actual data stores for gconf are XML files under
~/.gconf; for dconf there is a system-wide binary database accessed via
dbus, with PolicyKit controlling who has access to what key paths within
the database. You will need to use dconf-specific tools to inspect the

It looks like the MacPorts port was switched at some point to dconf with
settings migration from gconf to dconf's GSettings subsystem disabled,
which would mean all preferences would have been reset to defaults; there
is a variant +migration that re-enables migration.

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