upgrading MacPorts after updating from 10.6 to 10.9 - missing gnutar?

Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Wed Feb 19 06:37:59 PST 2014


> Did you reinstall or upgrade the MacPorts base? Installing the latest
> MacPorts for Mavericks will fix this; upgrading the existing base (`sudo
> port selfupdate`) should detect it during configure and deal with it (but if
> you did that and it didn't, please file a bug on trac.macports.org ).

`sudo port selfupdate` will only fix this, if the current version of base is actually outdated, i.e. if you had 2.2.0 installed before upgrading to Mavericks. If you already had 2.2.1 installed before the OS upgrade, selfupdate will not reconfigure/rebuild and this will not work. That's why I suggested using `sudo port -f selfupdate`, which skips the version check and forces the rebuild, but I now realize this might not have triggered a re-configure either.

I guess the selfupdate action should check whether current base has been built on an older OS and trigger the rebuild if it was. I know we recently added a field for the OS version when base was built, but I'm not sure we already trigger selfupdate on OS version mismatch.

Clemens Lang

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