php-fpm & co: not loading pdo extensions

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Feb 21 22:42:09 PST 2014

On Feb 22, 2014, at 00:26, Julien T <julien.t43 at> wrote:

> I'm trying to use mysql w nginx/php-fpm but phpinfo in the webserver returns PDO as "no value" and I don't understand why.
> $ port installed |grep php
>   php5 @5.3.28_0+apache2 (active)
>   php5-curl @5.3.28_0 (active)
>   php5-gd @5.3.28_1 (active)
>   php5-mysql @5.3.28_0+mysqlnd (active)
>   php5-sockets @5.3.28_0 (active)
>   php53 @5.3.28_0+libedit (active)
>   php53-fpm @5.3.28_0 (active)
>   php53-sockets @5.3.28_0 (active)
>   php55 @5.5.8_0+libedit (active)
>   php_select @1.0_0 (active)

You are attempting to mix two different MacPorts php worlds; this does not work.

You have the mysql module installed for the old php5 world, and the fpm sapi installed for the new php53 world. These worlds are unconnected; they don’t talk to one another or work together.

Decide which php world you want to use. I recommend the new world since the old one will be removed eventually.

Preferably, upgrade to the php55 ports, though the php54 and php53 ports should work fine if for some reason you require those older versions.

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