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I have several Portfile in the pipe and more questions arising which don't
find solutions in the guide.

- when updating an existing port, is it recommended to copy in your own
depot (own user) or work on the existing one (as root)? in the first case,
it seems that not all action are prioritizing repositories in the same
order (install and before).
- there is a startupitem option but it does not seem any way to include a
cron-like job through launchd? script/exec to launch every day/month. So I
suppose for now, we include our own file.
- but in this case, what is the variable for the <port>/files dir. or files
is supposed to be only patchfiles?
- any way to reinplace w a newline?
tried the following and failed (but it seems depending on which sed, there
are different options)
\\`echo -e '\n\r'`
- the official packages are signed, right? as
For your own repository, there is
There is also for pkg/mpkg (not sure if still valid)
- any option/script mirror macports install. something like
port installed requested  --dump mylist
port install --load mylist
- I have few ports which reacts differently in macports call than manually
(firebird, beltane)
They are not building in macports but if I launch manually the command in
${worksrcdir}, it's ok.
I tried to look to env var but nothing found for now.
- is there some test framework/command, so I can ask: for all my
repository, compile ports and all variants up to destroot and report any
- is it necessary for python/perl/web modules to "Updating database of
binaries / Scanning binaries for linking errors:" ?
- any example of library which have both lib and python-bindings? do we try
to make subport or not?
- for now, there is now test section in Portfile to ensure it is running
correctly at least for some commands, right? (like calling 'make tests' or
a defined exec)

Thanks a lot.
Best regards,

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