MacPorts has been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2014!

Clemens Lang cal at
Fri Feb 28 07:09:09 PST 2014


I'm pleased to announce that The MacPorts Project has been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2014 [1] -- a program where Google pays students to work for Open Source projects over the summer. If you're a student in higher education or know somebody who is and would be interested in working with MacPorts this summer, take a look at our ideas page [2]. The summer of code is an opportunity to contribute and improve MacPorts considerably. A wide range of additional features has been developed in the last few years of GSoC, for example
 - privilege separation in 2008
 - our current logging framework in 2009
 - rev-upgrade in 2011
 - package statistics in 2011 (will be introduced with MacPorts 2.3)
 - unit testing in 2013

We're also looking for additional ideas that you think might be useful to have in MacPorts; if you have something in mind you'd like MacPorts to have, feel free to contact me and suggest it!

On behalf of the MacPorts GSoC team,
Clemens Lang


Clemens Lang

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