Lenore Horner LenoreHorner at
Thu Jan 16 06:52:14 PST 2014

> For obvious reasons, Palm has not been keeping its drivers up-to-date;
> is still
> downloadable but I would be very very surprised if it worked on 10.9.  I did
> find this: which may be a working replacement.
> (I don’t have one to test with, sorry.)

The Palm software hasn’t worked since 10.7.  That’s why I switched to Missing Sync.  However it (and other companies) used iSync which Apple has removed from 10.9.  

I tried the pccallup and the site still exists but there are no files available. 

Can I copy a /dev/pilot air /dev/ttyUSB1 from a backup under an old operating system or are there going to be other pieces that go along with that that I’ll also be missing?


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