Ludwig macports at
Thu Jan 16 07:15:48 PST 2014

On Thu, 16 Jan 2014, Lenore Horner wrote:

> > 
> > For obvious reasons, Palm has not been keeping its drivers up-to-date;
> > is
> > still downloadable but I would be very very surprised if it worked on 10.9.
> > I did find this: which may be a working
> > replacement.  (I don’t have one to test with, sorry.)
> The Palm software hasn’t worked since 10.7.  That’s why I switched to Missing
> Sync.  However it (and other companies) used iSync which Apple has removed
> from 10.9.  
> I tried the pccallup and the site still exists but there are no files
> available. 
> Can I copy a /dev/pilot air /dev/ttyUSB1 from a backup under an old operating
> system or are there going to be other pieces that go along with that that
> I’ll also be missing?

No, that definitely won’t work.

Your best bet might be to run an old OS version in emulation... but even that
could be tricky.

Alternatively, there are other hacky things you could do with the device if
you’re loath to retire it, but that’s getting way off-topic for this list.

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