Troubles installing rc

Joshua Root jmr at
Sat Jan 18 22:47:31 PST 2014

> destroot fails for rc:
> /usr/bin/install -c history /opt/local/bin/- ;\
>         rm -f /opt/local/bin/--;  ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/-- ;\
>         rm -f /opt/local/bin/-p;  ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/-p ;\
>         rm -f /opt/local/bin/--p; ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/--p
> install: /opt/local/bin/-: Operation not permitted

It's installing into ${prefix} directly instead of into
${destroot}${prefix} as it should. Fixed in r116136.

> Or maybe it's some other newfangled security device misfiring.
> I can certainly run the install command by hand without problem.

Yes, sandboxing is doing its job here.

- Josh

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