Troubles installing rc

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at
Sun Jan 19 00:51:14 PST 2014

[Joshua Root <jmr at> (2014-01-19 06:47:31 UTC)]

> > destroot fails for rc:
> > 
> > /usr/bin/install -c history /opt/local/bin/- ;\
> >         rm -f /opt/local/bin/--;  ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/-- ;\
> >         rm -f /opt/local/bin/-p;  ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/-p ;\
> >         rm -f /opt/local/bin/--p; ln /opt/local/bin/- /opt/local/bin/--p
> > install: /opt/local/bin/-: Operation not permitted
> It's installing into ${prefix} directly instead of into
> ${destroot}${prefix} as it should.

Ah, of course. I should have realized. Not used to squinting so hard
at the destroot phase, as it usually succeeds.

> Fixed in r116136.

Thanks. And now there is a binary package too, excellent.

[Davor Cubranic <cubranic at> (2014-01-19 00:28:33 UTC)]

> You can use “Ticket Query” with “port is” set to “rc”.

Again, I should have realized. The difference between search and query
may not be blindingly obvious, but they are there, next to each other,
so it should have been obvious that if one fails the other might work.
Thanks for your patience.

– Harald

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