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> i try to compile backuppc, and i am facing this situation:
>      perl5.12-file-rsyncp, (dependance)
> does not compile, please see main.log.

Did you just upgrade to Mavericks? The errors in the log suggest that
`size_t` is not defined, which would suggest that you are missing the Xcode
Command Line Tools (specifically the system header files component). If you
have upgraded, you will need to follow the instructions at to bring MacPorts into sync with
the new OS and Xcode.

But the above is guessing, because this does not look like a clean build
--- information about its configuration phase is missing. Please `sudo port
clean p5.12-file-rsyncp` and attempt the build again, then attach the
`main.log` from that. Alternately, if this was a truncated log, please
place the full `main.log` where it can be read.

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