Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Jan 30 11:31:50 PST 2014

On Jan 30, 2014, at 06:59, rmgls at wrote:

> i try to compile backuppc, and i am facing this situation:
>     perl5.12-file-rsyncp, (dependance)
> does not compile, please see main.log.
> i tried perl5.16-file-rsyncp with the same result, and of course the variant has
> the same problem.
> what to do then?

I get the same problem on Mavericks. This software seems to have its own implementation of the strlcpy function, which conflicts with the way that function is defined on Mavericks. A solution would be to rename the local copy to something else. This problem needs to be reported to the developers of File::RsyncP so that they can fix it in whatever way they see fit. However, since the last release was in 2006, the project may be deceased, so we may need to fix it ourselves. In any case, filing a ticket in the MacPorts issue tracker would also be best.

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