Strange p5-perl-tidy upgrade to p5.12-perl-tidy (not to p5.16-perl-tidy)

Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri andreas.kahari at
Wed Jul 23 05:58:55 PDT 2014


I’m using perltidy from p5-perl-tidy (depends on p5.16-perl-tidy), but when I decided to run a “port upgrade installed” I noticed that it was “upgraded” to p5.12-perl-tidy (which also pulled in the previously uninstalled perl5.12 port).

This confuses me, especially since the p5-perl-tidy port explicitly says "Replaced by: p5.16-perl-tidy”.	

$ sudo port -y upgrade p5-perl-tidy
--->  p5-perl-tidy is replaced by p5.12-perl-tidy
--->  Computing dependencies for perl5.12
For perl5.12: skipping org.macports.main (dry run)
--->  Computing dependencies for p5.12-perl-tidy
--->  Dependencies to be installed: perl5.12
For perl5.12: skipping org.macports.main (dry run)
For p5.12-perl-tidy: skipping org.macports.main (dry run)
Skipping deactivate p5-perl-tidy @20101217_3 (dry run)
Skipping activate p5.12-perl-tidy @20101217_3 (dry run)

$ port info p5-perl-tidy
p5-perl-tidy @20101217_3 (perl)
Replaced by:          p5.16-perl-tidy
Sub-ports:            p5.8-perl-tidy, p5.10-perl-tidy, p5.12-perl-tidy, p5.14-perl-tidy, p5.16-perl-tidy

Description:          Perltidy reads a perl script and writes an indented, reformatted script. Perltidy can produce
                      output on either of two modes, depending on the existence of an -html flag. Without this
                      flag, the output is passed through a formatter.

Library Dependencies: p5.16-perl-tidy
Platforms:            darwin
License:              GPL-2+
Maintainers:          nomaintainer at

$ port list 'p5*perl-tidy*' and active
p5-perl-tidy                   @20101217       perl/p5-perl-tidy
p5.16-perl-tidy                @20101217       perl/p5-perl-tidy

$ port list inactive
# no output


Andreas Kusalananda Kähäri
System Developer at BILS
Uppsala University, Sweden

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