cmake portgroup RelWithDebInfo variant?

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Mon Jul 28 10:48:34 PDT 2014

On 28.07.2014 07:29 pm, "René J.V. Bertin" wrote:
> On Jul 28, 2014, at 18:52, Mihai Moldovan wrote:
>>> - can one have local portgroup definitions/overrides?
>> I wouldn't know what speaks against that.
> Neither do I, nor do I know how to go about them. Add a registry directory under the directory that holds my local port files?

Hum, I rather understood this as "override whatever the PortGroup does in the
Portfile." That should be totally OK, but defining own PortGroups? I don't think
that's a great idea...

>> I think no* variant names should be avoided, replacing them with the
>> appropriate base name (in this case strip) and making them the default. 
> Except that would probably cause problems with all ports currently installed without that implicit-gone-explicit variant,

That's not a big deal. Add the default variant, revbump and you're good to go.

> plus I'm not sure that without nostrip build results are always being stripped.

So what is the default then? "Maybe" is a little non-deterministic...

> In other words, the actual no-stripping effect of that personal variant is to take a step to avoid that stripping takes place.

In that case, "nostrip" is probably OK. Still, it might confuse users to see
that their binaries aren't stripped when "nostrip" is not set.

> OTOH, +relwithdebinfo seems a bit long/heavy for a variant name. +reldep? +debopt? +devel (as it's something more of interest to developers than endusers)?

Would you understand what "reldep"/"debopt"/"devel" do without having to look it
up? If not, chances are those are bad names for what you want.


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