questions regarding selfupdate issue

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Nov 13 04:17:10 PST 2014

On Thursday November 13 2014 06:12:42 Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> images_to_archives.tcl is rather old at this point -- over 3 years old. It dates from the release of MacPorts 2.0.0 (2011-07-22), since which time "archives" mode is always on. Prior to that, users could choose "images" mode or "archives" mode, with "images" mode as the default. images_to_archives.tcl converts an "images"-based MacPorts installation to an "archives"-based one.

Should I understand it ought to have been run since that time? I was upgrading from MacPorts 2.3.1, not pre 2.0.0 !! If so, why would it be running now?

> You request a from-source build by either adding the "-s" flag on the command line every time you install or upgrade (e.g. "sudo port -s install ..." or "sudo port -s upgrade ..."), or by setting "buildfromsource always" in macports.conf.

OK, so just adding the optflags should only have the effect of setting them in case a port builds from source anyway. Good, exactly what I wanted, thanks. (I'm setting "-O3 -march=core2 -g", nothing fancier than that!)


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