questions regarding selfupdate issue

Clemens Lang cal at
Thu Nov 13 05:04:06 PST 2014


----- On 13 Nov, 2014, at 13:21, Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at wrote:

> images_to_archives.tcl runs as part of every selfupdate, ever since MacPorts
> 2.0.0, in case you're upgrading from an earlier version. If the conversion has
> already been done, the script should do nothing. I don't know why you received
> an error.

The script does run and attempt to do its job when users have manually deleted
one of the image tarballs. Some users do this in order to save space on an SSD,
but doing so is wrong and dangerous.

You should uninstall and re-install all ports for which images_to_archives.tcl
is triggered.

Clemens Lang

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