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Clemens Lang cal at
Thu Nov 13 12:33:00 PST 2014


----- On 13 Nov, 2014, at 20:27, René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at wrote:

> Actually, something very strange is going on with gsed. The archive contains:
> […]
> and that corresponds to what I have in ${prefix}.

That's exactly what I would have expected, because this archive has just been
created from your ${prefix}.

> However, on a backup from last October 18th, I don't have a gsed port at all,
> so no archive in macports/software.

Yes. If you had had this file, images_to_archives.tcl wouldn't have attempted
to create it. You must have had gsed installed, though, because
images_to_archives.tcl uses the metadata MacPorts keeps about its installed
ports in the registry database in $prefix/var/macports/registry/registry.db.

> So, in this particular case, rather than me having deleted a port archive
> tarball, it looks more like the whole gsed port has been created since I last
> did a selfupdate?

No, what you're seeing is just what images_to_archives.tcl does.

> Or is it "simply" that the image to archive conversion cited earlier never
> happened on my setup, for instance because my /opt/local is a symlink (and
> possibly related to the fact that `port provides` doesn't work for me)?

Unlikely – images_to_archives.tcl is pretty mature software; it's been out
there for years and has mostly done its job. There should be virtually no
MacPorts installations out there that haven't done the conversion yet. If the
script would have problems with symlinks I think we would have heard about it

Clemens Lang

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