Fwd: Virtual machines and OS X

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 14:37:56 PST 2014

On Monday November 17 2014 23:14:24 Marko Käning wrote:

> 1) Sometimes a mouse click into the guest window catches some mouse-keyboard
>   feature which causes a text selection in an open bash window. Moving the
>   mouse around just selects the pointed to text range. There’s no way out of
>   it, except by rebooting.
> 2) Sometimes the I end up in a strange input mode in a bash terminal window,
>   which shows a mouse cursor looking like a question mark. I don’t know how
>   to escape from that either, thus also rebooting.

Have you tried using FUS to go to the login screen? That's a trick that often works to get out of weird things for me (and I always do that too before I suspend my laptop.


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