Which Xcode?

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 00:44:39 PST 2014

Xcode doesn't really do anything that you couldn't do with clang,
llvm, gnu make and your choice of text editor.

The best I've ever been able to say about Xcode is that I found it
barely tolerable, now I regard using it as just like pounding nails
with my fists.

This is not at all to say I don't like Integrated Development
Environments.  I like them just fine - ThinkC, Symantec C and
Metrowerks CodeWarrior all suited me just fine.  It's that I regard
Xcode as quite poorly designed.

While I haven't actually done so yet, sometime soon I'm going to write
a Makefile to build my iPhone App Warp Life
(http://www.warplife.com/life/).  I'm planning to release the source
as Free Software.  That source release isn't going to come with an
Xcode project, because I have grown so weary of new versions of Xcode
breaking stuff that used to work well.
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On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 11:23 PM, René JV Bertin <rjvbertin at gmail.com> wrote:
>>If you have concerns about problems in Xcode 6.1, could you be more specific?
> I suppose he may be referring to the reviews on the Store (I checked several national stores, the reviews all agree that this version is buggy and crashy)
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