FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: when is down hard...

Dan Johnson rdj999 at
Mon Nov 24 05:52:35 PST 2014

Yesterday, a "port -d selfupdate" revealed that '' was down. It remained down for many hours. Despite mirroring, that's evidently an Achilles' Heel in the default configuration's mechanism. I found a way around it, and it wasn't obvious, requiring temporary modifications to both 'macports.conf' and 'sources.conf'. 

Should this happen again, here's a blog entry that others may find useful in the future: <>

Note: after modifying those two files, 'port -d selfupdate' worked one time, however, one of the files required "re-fixing", because 'selfupdate' in MacPorts 2.3.3 evidently "fixes" the repository flags in 'sources.conf' to break it again. (That's also explained in the blog.)

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