FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: when is down hard...

Ian Wadham at
Mon Nov 24 17:44:57 PST 2014

On 25/11/2014, at 10:11 AM, Clemens Lang wrote:
> ----- On 24 Nov, 2014, at 22:17, Dave Horsfall dave at wrote:
>> A minor problem with FreeBSD is that should an ISP-assigned DNS server
>> report an error, said ISP helpfully redirects you elsewhere, but luckily
>> FreeBSD handles this stupidity (I'm looking at you, BigPond Australia).
> We have code that detects this situation and warns users, but aren't using
> it to automatically ignore wrong resolve results. This has been discussed
> before and there were some strong opinions against fixing this behavior
> which isn't our bug and for telling users to shout at their providers for
> ignoring the RFC.

Good luck with that (in Australia). BigPond is the biggest ISP in Oz and
is owned by Telstra, which owns the entire physical network and all the
exchanges, though that is slowly changing.  Their treatment of other ISPs,
who share the physical network, and even of their own customers is quite
Microsoftian I am told.  In my own experience, Telstra and their previous
corporate bodies, have been holding back the progress of computer
communications in general in Oz for at least 50 years… :-(

Cheers, Ian W.

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