Recent failure of macports

DD dandunfee at
Wed Nov 26 13:04:15 PST 2014

Hello, my first post,

Recently I installed youtube-dl with no problems.

As I do from time to time I did a selfupdate to keep the "tree" current a 
few days later. I'm no longer ABLE to use macports.

There are error messages to a failure of curl to find various things as 
though the location it was expecting has changed.  The "gettext" is an 
example if I try a fresh install of youtubes-dl.

I do most things in terminal and have snow leopard still.

With the most recent os10 update has there been some change to the way 
macports works that might be the source of my problem that appeared with 
the "tree" update?

Could I reinstall the snow leopard version and start from scratch as a 
possible solution?



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