Recent failure of macports

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Wed Nov 26 13:05:56 PST 2014

Please send some actual output, or logs.

On Nov 26, 2014, at 4:04 PM, DD wrote:

> Recently I installed youtube-dl with no problems.
> As I do from time to time I did a selfupdate to keep the "tree" current a few days later. I'm no longer ABLE to use macports.
> There are error messages to a failure of curl to find various things as though the location it was expecting has changed.  The "gettext" is an example if I try a fresh install of youtubes-dl.
> I do most things in terminal and have snow leopard still.
> With the most recent os10 update has there been some change to the way macports works that might be the source of my problem that appeared with the "tree" update?
> Could I reinstall the snow leopard version and start from scratch as a possible solution?

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