{distfiles,packages,rsync,trac}.macports.org are back up (eom)

Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Fri Nov 28 06:01:34 PST 2014


----- On 28 Nov, 2014, at 13:52, William H. Magill magill at mac.com wrote:

> Are the servers actually going down, or are they just "unreachable?"

AFAIK, the database server isn't responding in time, and everything that needs
that runs into a timeout. Even during the downtime, you could wait 15 minutes
and actually see a trac error message; it's just that nobody actually waited
that long.

> I wonder if this is a Net problem - i.e. is there a denial of service attack
> taking place against someone.

Unlikely, since the database host isn't reachable from outside MacOSForge's

Clemens Lang

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