liblzma and ffmpeg

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Sat Oct 4 04:02:30 PDT 2014


----- On 4 Oct, 2014, at 00:34, Daniel J. Luke dluke at wrote:


I think that's a good change. Want to go ahead and provide a
patch/commit it before we forget about it again?

We could also add a step that "de-normalizes" the MacPorts prefix if
it is a symlink, e.g. something along the lines of:

package require struct::list

set fileComponents   [file split [file normalize $filename]]
set normalizedPrefix [file split [file normalize $prefix]]
set prefixLen [llength $normalizedPrefix]

if {::struct::list equal [lrange $fileComponents 0 $prefixLen] $normalizedPrefix} {
    set prefixComponents [file split $prefix]
    set fileComponents [lreplace 0 $prefixLen-1] $prefixComponents

set filename [file join {*}$fileComponents]

Clemens Lang

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