FATAL ERROR: Can't execute 'mysqlcheck'

Tim Johnson tim at akwebsoft.com
Thu Oct 9 11:44:47 PDT 2014

* Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> [141008 16:25]:
> > 
> >  I have installed mysql56, but I have not yet activated it, as it
> >  has been a while since I last did a mysql upgrade.
> > 
> >  I see the following instructions for mysql55 at
> >  http://jackal.livejournal.com/2160464.html
> > 
> >  Given the path changes re mysql56, should I expect the
> >  instructions at the URL above to be complete and correct?
> Those instructions appear to deal with installing mysql55 for the
> first time. They don't address the steps you would need to take to
> move data from a previous MySQL installation, nor upgrading that
> data to a possible new format. Some of that is addressed by the
> official MySQL documentation. We should add the MacPorts specifics
> to our own documentation. We should move the MySQL documentation
> out of the MAMP wiki page onto its own wiki page.
   Instructions for upgrading would be very, very attractive.
   To illustrate, I have the following issues :
   # Unload mysql 5
   sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.mysql5.plist

   # Load mysql 56
   sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.mysql56-server.plist

   # verify that mysql56 is running
   ps aux | grep mysql
   _mysql         72625   0.0  5.4  3085720 450028   ??  S
   10:35AM   0:00.46 /opt/local/lib/mysql56/bin/mysqld --user=_mysql
   root           72624   0.0  0.0  2455092   1128   ??  Ss
   10:35AM   0:00.01 /opt/local/bin/daemondo --label=mysql56-server
   --start-cmd /opt/local/lib/mysql56/bin/mysqld --user=_mysql ;
   # connect to database
   mysql --host=localhost --user=*** --password=****** --database=aisbooks

   # Grr!
   ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through
     socket '/opt/local/var/run/mysql5/mysqld.sock' (2)

   # Not a happy situation .... I can figure it out in time, but I'm
   # an eternal newbie when it comes to upgrading and am less
   # familiar with OS X than linux
   So... instructions for upgrading anyone?
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