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On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 6:50 AM, René J.V. <rjvbertin at> wrote:

> Come to think of it, I can't (or maybe, refuse to) see a good, compelling
> reason why a local X11 server would have to use a non-human-readable
> $DISPLAY spec if it can be identified uniquely through :0 (or :1, :2 etc
> for subsequent instances).

Again: your argument is with Apple for inventing launchd and possibly
jeremyhu for making xquartz use it. Nut this is a thoroughly Linux-like
argument to my mind; you can't think of a reason, therefore it's flawed as
designed. And Linux goes through waves of "why did anyone do that stupid
*removes it* *several years of it ain't that simple, dummy!* *reinvents the
original fix, sometimes worse* "why did anyone do that stupid thing?" with
great regularity, because Everyone Knows Better and *nobody learns*.

The simple reason to why Linux does it one way and OS X another, however,
is that on Linux X11 is primary and gets "naming rights". on OS X, it is an
interloper and does not get to choose for itself how the system it's on
works or what system names it's allowed to use.

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