XCode Command line tools not detected?

David Nicholls david.nicholls at anu.edu.au
Sat Oct 18 01:52:34 PDT 2014

I think Macports does not detect newer installs of Xcode tools.  Here's the story

Having just upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemite, I installed Xcode 6.1, including the extras it asked for when run for the first time.

Xcode 6.1 (plus extras) includes the command line tools inside the app, so far as I can tell.  e.g., in the Terminal, if you enter 'xcode-select -p' it shows where the tools are located, inside the Xcode.app.  It's possible to run various of the tools.  OTOH, if I run 'xcode-select --install' it invites me to download Xcode (clearly silly).  I proceeded, assuming all was OK.

I then recompiled Macports for Yosemite (there being no dmg available yet), without any problem.  Then, when I upgraded outdated ports, I kept getting  warnings about the command line tools not being installed, and that many ports would not build.

However, they appeared to build quite happily. ('smake' as possible exception, but due to dependencies, not the build process.)

As an experiment, about half way through the upgrading outdated, I downloaded and installed the XCode Command Line Tools 6.1 OSX10.10 dmg from the Apple developers site, and installed it.  It added the tools to a new directory, /Library/Developer/CommandLIneTools  I believe this is normal.

The "Xcode tools not installed" messages from Macports instantly stopped.  Also, 'xcode-select --install' now reports the tools are installed, though 'xcode-select -p' still points to Xcode.app

So, two questions: 1. Are the Command Line Tools installed now as part of Xcode 6?  2. Does Macports only look for the separate tools installed in /Library/Developer?


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