Yosemite upgrade

Fisher, Jay L. jay.fisher at swri.org
Sat Oct 18 12:47:56 PDT 2014

One warning.  I just installed Yosemite, then tried to follow the macports instructions on migrating.  As part of the instructions on the page, it says to save your installed ports and then uninstall the ports.  However, after upgrading, my port command doesn’t work - it only complains that the current platform darwin 14 doesn’t match the expected platform darwin 13.  So unless you know a way around this, it looks like we need to do a completely new installation manually of our ports, and won’t be able to use the migration instructions to restore ports.


On Oct 18, 2014, at 2:07 PM, Comer Duncan <comer.duncan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yesterday I installed Yosemite but have not yet done either selfupdate or upgrade outdated.  Before I do that I am wondering whether there are any recommendations as to whether it is too early to upgrade since perhaps macports code developers need some time to get essentials ready for such?  I sort of expect that the macports developers and maintainers had access to Yosemite earlier than those who waited for the official release to be made available, so maybe I don't need to be timid about proceding. What do you guys think?
> Thanks.
> Comer
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