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>> On Saturday October 18 2014 19:16:39 Ryan Schmidt wrote:
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>>> On Oct 18, 2014, at 7:13 PM, Carlo Tambuatco wrote:
>>> Yeah, just upgraded my ports yesterday after upgrading to Yosemite, and cmake along with other ports such as pypy etc fail to upgrade properly. I am using the Xcode 6.0 toolchain, so do I need to wait for Xcode 6.1 to be released officially before upgrading these ports?
>> Yes, to build cmake, you need the 10.10 SDK. It's in Xcode 6.1, both the final version which Apple will release to everyone later and the pre-release versions, if you can still find it, or the beta versions (but not the final version) of Xcode 6.0.
> That's a really curious requirement for a FOSS utility

Not really. Cmake provides the means to build full native Cocoa applications, and to do this it needs access to an OSX SDK. 

> ... doesn't it build on earlier versions of OS X that lack the 10.10 SDK by definition? Or doesn't a binary built on, say, 10.6, run on 10.10?

It requires the SDK for the platform it is being built for, so on OSX10.10 needs the 10.10 SDK, on 10.9 the 10.9 SDK and so on... I guess in theory you could target an older OSX release, so use 10.9 SDK on 10.10, but as this is not needed in MacPorts, the binaries are always specific for a given OS, the system SDK is used to provide the most up to date features... 

So yes, it builds fine and provides binaries on older OSX releases. Its just a (temporary) issue with 10.10 until Xcode 6.1 is available.
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