Problem upgrading `tiff`

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Aug 9 22:39:30 PDT 2015

> On 08.08.2015 11:43 AM, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>> But I have every package installed which has /jpeg/ in its name:
>> |$> port installed *jpeg* jpeg @9a_1+universal (active) jpeg2ps @1.9_0 (active)
>> jpegoptim @1.2.4_1 (active) libjpeg-turbo @1.3.1_0 libjpeg-turbo @1.4.0_0
>> libjpeg-turbo @1.4.0_1 (active) mozjpeg @3.0_1 mozjpeg @3.1_0 (active) openjpeg
>> @2.1.0_0+universal (active) openjpeg15 @1.5.1_0+universal (active) |
> Wow, this should be literally impossible.
> You probably messed up your system pro-actively and are better off wiping
> ${prefix} (in this case /opt/local) and reinstalling everything, pretty much as
> explained in - just without the Xcode
> steps and with moving the old /opt/local directory out of the way *after*
> getting the installed port list.
> Even then, you cannot just install from this "installed" list, because it's
> broken and will need some manual care.
> The ports jpeg, jpeg-turbo and mozjpeg conflict with each other. You should
> *never*, *ever*, have more than one of them active. It looks like you
> force-activated them, anyway, and that's the end result of these operations.

While this isn't a state you want to be in, I don't think it's as
hopelessly broken as all that. The files that have had .mp_timestamp
appended to their names by forced activation are still tracked and will
be removed when the associated port is deactivated. So all you need to
do to get back to a sane state is deactivate all the conflicting ports
and then activate only one of them. Like so:

sudo port -f deactivate jpeg libjpeg-turbo mozjpeg
sudo port activate jpeg

And then you probably want to rev-upgrade just in case anything ended up
linked with one of the now-inactive ports:

sudo port rev-upgrade

- Josh

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