Problem upgrading `tiff`

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Aug 11 21:06:56 PDT 2015

> On Aug 10, 2015, at 12:39 AM, Joshua Root wrote:
>> On 08.08.2015 11:43 AM, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>>> But I have every package installed which has /jpeg/ in its name:
>>> |$> port installed *jpeg* jpeg @9a_1+universal (active) jpeg2ps @1.9_0 (active)
>>> jpegoptim @1.2.4_1 (active) libjpeg-turbo @1.3.1_0 libjpeg-turbo @1.4.0_0
>>> libjpeg-turbo @1.4.0_1 (active) mozjpeg @3.0_1 mozjpeg @3.1_0 (active) openjpeg
>>> @2.1.0_0+universal (active) openjpeg15 @1.5.1_0+universal (active) |
>> Wow, this should be literally impossible.
>> You probably messed up your system pro-actively and are better off wiping
>> ${prefix} (in this case /opt/local) and reinstalling everything, pretty much as
>> explained in - just without the Xcode
>> steps and with moving the old /opt/local directory out of the way *after*
>> getting the installed port list.
>> Even then, you cannot just install from this "installed" list, because it's
>> broken and will need some manual care.
>> The ports jpeg, jpeg-turbo and mozjpeg conflict with each other. You should
>> *never*, *ever*, have more than one of them active. It looks like you
>> force-activated them, anyway, and that's the end result of these operations.
> While this isn't a state you want to be in, I don't think it's as
> hopelessly broken as all that. The files that have had .mp_timestamp
> appended to their names by forced activation are still tracked and will
> be removed when the associated port is deactivated. So all you need to
> do to get back to a sane state is deactivate all the conflicting ports
> and then activate only one of them. Like so:
> sudo port -f deactivate jpeg libjpeg-turbo mozjpeg
> sudo port activate jpeg
> And then you probably want to rev-upgrade just in case anything ended up
> linked with one of the now-inactive ports:
> sudo port rev-upgrade

And if you force-activated other sets of conflicting ports, do the same deactivation and reactivation for them as well.

Don't use the -f flag to force things unless you really understand the consequences of doing that.

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