Help with a port

- dandunfee at
Sat Aug 15 04:57:43 PDT 2015

I'm fairely new to macports and have a question about the port of lynx the 
browser.  I don't know if this is the place to enquire or if there is 
perhaps someone who deals with the lynx port I should be asking.

There are two issues.  First there is a function available in lynx that 
needs to be compiled in to work but isn't in the version from macports. 
In short it is the ability to send commands external to lynx such as 
another program or to the command line.  If one tries it a message appears 
saying this function needs to be compiled in, which the info in lynx.cfg 

Second, frequently lynx unloads with a "signal 11" error message.  This 
happens most often first thing each day with the first attempt to access 
an url on the internet.  Suddenly one is dumped back to the command line 
with the above message.

Any help welcome, or a pointer to where it might be addressed more 
specific to the lynx port individuals.


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