Help with a port

- dandunfee at
Mon Aug 17 13:18:14 PDT 2015

On asking how one registers to submit a ticket when there are no apparant 
text entry fields to register when I attempted it at:

A reply:

> Register link works fine here, you only need to enter a valid email 
> address and desired password.  The login dialog looks almost identical 
> to the registration dialog.
> <>
> -Mike

This gave me a clue why it doesn't work for me using the lynx browser. 
Taking a quick look under the hood for the html coding for that url found 
it uses java script.  Lynx doesn't use java script, thus even the text 
fields to register don't appear.

I'm a blind computer user who prefers lynx because it is a text only 
browser; for obvious reasons.

The register function and any others at the macports site can be 
accomplished using standard non-java coding.  Perhaps some thought should 
be given this.


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