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I expect I can build you a standalone, dynamically-linked lynx this
weekend, then provide a MacPorts build by the middle to end of next
week.  My dynamic build will come with an installation script, later
I'll come up with a GUI installer as well as a statically-linked

(It's easy to build your own code statically-linked but sometimes it
can be hard to build someone else's code that way.)

MacPorts is the best thing to build with if you already know how to
build with MacPorts, but I don't know how yet so I'll start with the
old fashioned "./configure; make; sudo make install" which is a real
good way to root your own box.

In my long hard experience there are always all manner of petty
problems when building any really interesting code.  For wget most of
my time is consumed by its SSL/TLS security (ie. HTTPS) which I
presently do not require but expect would be difficult to remove
entirely from wget.  lynx will also want SSL/TLS, which will at least
partially reuse my wget work but could well be quite different.

I couldn't maintain the entire MacPorts tree on old OS X revisions but
quite likely I could maintain a modest number of commonly-used or
important packages.  For me that's wget, lynx, djbdns, gcc, the X11
servers and maybe I can backport clang/llvm.

My righteously tricked-out MacBook Pro went to The Great Cupertino
Garage in the sky so now I'm coding on Mom's G4 Tiger iMac in hopes
that I can write something that I can sell for enough money to buy a
new box for myself.

I am on 56k dialup as Mom is completely convinced that were I to use
my own money to install a cable modem in her condo she would never
receive any more emails from her friends, family nor schoolmates.

were I to point out to her that I know how The Series Of Tubes work
and she does not, Mom would dial 9-1-1 to let them know I'm not taking
my medicine.  That commonly results in my being admitted to a nuthouse
in handcuffs by the police.

I Am Absolutely Serious.

Thine In Eternal Torment,

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On 8/18/15, - <dandunfee at> wrote:
> It would be great if you were to do so please!  The details start in the
> lynx.cfg file that comes with the macports installation at:
> .h1 CGI scripts
> There is a version to compile where the "exec" and scripting is allowed
> only locally to prevent remote access to this function.
> I have appended a file, jumps.html, which has examples of links using this
> function as links.  Some in the destination have "lynxexec:" or
> "lynxprog:".
> These can be seen using lynx in the status line as the destination.  The
> first does a local command and the latter runs an application, as the
> example links will reflect in the link label text.  The 2nd link from the
> bottom would appear to call a local cgi script.
> I don't know if it is a compile issue but I could never get the "jumP" key
> command function to work in the macports version of lynx.  It could be I'm
> just not including the proper syntax in lynx.cfg to allow it.  The "help
> file" and "index" key command features do work when I put them in the
> lynx.cfg with what seems the same required syntax.
> I would be ever so grateful if you were to undertake to compile lynx with
> this functionality.
> Dan
> On Mon, 17
> Aug 2015, Michael David Crawford wrote:
>> I would be happy to build Lynx with the configuration of your heart's
>> desire.  Do you have any special requirements other than the external
>> command facility?  The current OS X or an old version?
>> Just now I'm working my way through wget, I'm going to provide a
>> statically
>> linked build at when it is ready, then later a
> y> dynamically linked build with an installer.
>> I love MacPorts but it is beyond the comprehension of many.
>> Mike Crawford
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