apple-gcc42 fails to build

Thomas Ruedas trg818 at
Tue Aug 18 11:44:20 PDT 2015

On 18/8/15 3:43 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> I see from the above that you have cctools installed with the llvm33 variant,
> which is the default on Leopard, but you could try using a newer version of
> llvm with cctools, by running
> sudo port install cctools +llvm36
> or
> sudo port install cctools +llvm35
> or
> sudo port install cctools +llvm34
I tried all three, and even for the last variant I get
--->  Computing dependencies for cctools
--->  Dependencies to be installed: llvm-3.4 apple-gcc42
at which point he begins to download and compile apple-gcc42 again. So 
the snake bites its tail.
> Which ld64 subport do you have installed? You can find out by running
> "port installed subportof:ld64". Looks like the default ld64 subport for
> Leopard is ld64-127. It too has llvm variants, and you should probably install
> it with the same llvm variant you use for cctools.
The following ports are currently installed:
   ld64-127 @127.2_2+llvm33 (active)
so that seems to be consistent with the llvm version I currently have.


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