Mono -- does it really need X11?

Michael keybounce at
Fri Feb 6 09:24:56 PST 2015

The standard library includes the GUI components, and I don't think current
>> versions make it very easy to split out just the C# compiler and basic
>> libraries.
> And I'd guess that C# doesn't make a lot of sense without being able to use GUI thingies.
> However, Mono uses GTk2, no? And port:gtk2 can be built with +quartz which doesn't depend on X11 at all from what I can see.

Mono's library dependencies:
Library Dependencies: gettext, glib2, libiconv, zlib, libgdiplus, xorg-libX11

And, Gtk2 also has:
Library Dependencies: atk, pango, gdk-pixbuf2, gobject-introspection, xorg-libXi, xorg-libXrandr,
                      xorg-libXcursor, xorg-libXinerama, xorg-libXdamage, xorg-libXcomposite, xorg-libXfixes

So, call this ignorant user error -- how would I make this work without X?

(Turns out it is low priority -- the program that I wanted to install (a GIT interface) turns out to now be out of date, abandoned, and replaced by a windows-specific newer program).

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