can't start mysql56 after move datadir

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Fri Feb 13 09:05:42 PST 2015

OK, understood. But still, it seems a security risk to use "chmod a+x" or even "chmod o+x"  on each of the directories /Volumes, /Volumes/MacHD, /Volumes/MacHD/Users, /Volumes/MacHD/Users/thisuser, /Volumes/MacHD/Users/thisuser/mysql (leading to /Volumes/MacHD/Users/thisuser/mysql/data, which is already owned by _mysql).

Isn't there some safer way to be able to use mysql with a datadir in a non-default location (after specifying it in my.cnf, of course)?

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> I've never heard permission "+x" referred to as "search permission". I thought +x is "execute" permission, which is surely more dangerous than +r read permission.
> How do you execute a directory? +x *on directories* is "search". Likewise setuid/setgid/save-text bits have different meanings on directories (and setugid generally has other meanings non non-executable files), where they otherwise wouldn't be meaningful.
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