can't start mysql56 after move datadir

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> Do I also need to give the group _mysql read permission to some or all of
> /Volumes, /Volumes/MacHD, /Volumes/MacHD/Users,
> /Volumes/MacHD/Users/thisuser, /Volumes/MacHD/Users/thisuser/mysql ?
> If so, might that be dangerous?

While I'm at it: the above is really why most people put the database in
some other path than their home directory and don't try to fight with ACLs.

As for why you need to grant search permission to reach the database files:
you were expecting the system somehow "just knows" that _mysql is allowed
to follow that path? That the files at the end of it are owned by someone
else is not relevant; consider that you may make a symlink to someone
else's file. Or a hard link if it's on the same partition/filesystem. On OS
X you can even make a hard link to a directory, making it even more

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