configuring phpmyadmin: why no table for mysql56?

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at
Fri Feb 13 21:07:12 PST 2015

I have a newly installed working installation of mysql56-server and mysql56 from MacPorts. I already had a working apache2 and php56 with apache2 support.

Next I installed phpmyadmin @4.3.9_0+php56 and have a suitable so that under apache2 I can run phpmyadmin in Safari.

I'm now trying to install pmadb (Step 6 at and already ran:

  mysql -u root -p < /opt/local/www/phpmyadmin/examples/create_tables.sql

When running the script mysql_phpMyAdmin_pmaSetup.sql with contents as indicated at, I'm at the step:

  GRANT SELECT ON TO 'pma'@'localhost';

This gives:  ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table '' doesn't exist

And indeed, that table does not exist. (I see this by executing mysql commands "use mysql;" and then "show tables;" ; I see the same thing by looking at database mysql in phpmyadmin)

Why not? Should it not have been created when I originally installed mysql56-server and executed mysql_install_db ?

How fix?
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