Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Mon Jan 19 13:43:33 PST 2015

----- On 19 Jan, 2015, at 22:20, Daniel J. Luke dluke at geeklair.net wrote:

> ... but you're right, cal fixed it and it's been released (I though the fix was
> sitting on trunk still, but it made Macports 2.3.0)

I am currently not aware of any problems with /opt or /opt/local being a symlink
except for the port provides thing. I did test trace mode with a symlinked
prefix to make sure it works and I consider anything that breaks this behavior a
bug I'd be willing to fix.

I even wrote a draft implementation of a fix for port provides, but nobody
picked up on it, finished it and committed it (or provided a commit-ready patch).
If somebody wants to do that, the implementation is somewhere in the -dev mailing
list archives.

Clemens Lang

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