Does Gnome take up tons of disk space? It uses some Gnome stuff.

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Wed Jul 8 02:50:40 PDT 2015

On Jul 7, 2015, at 2:05 PM, David Evans <devans at> wrote:

> On 7/7/15 3:41 AM, Jerry wrote:
>> I'm thinking of installing Gnumeric but I'm suspicious that some of the dependencies will cause a huge expansion of my installation, i.e., take up lots of disk space. I already have some of the dependencies but I do not have things like desktop-file-utils, gnome-common, gnome-doc-utils, gobject-introspection, goffice. I suspect that my use of gnumeric will be experimental and then light if at all so I would abandon this idea if it takes a lot of space. I'm looking at the gnome stuff and recalling that it might be huge. Is this correct?
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> Hi, Jerry.
> Define tons.
> goffice and its dependencies are absolutely required (this is the bulk of the dependencies).
> gobject-introspection could be made optional (provides ability for Python and others languages to dynamically generate bindings to libspreadsheet)
> gnome-common and gnome-doc-utils are build dependencies and are not necessary once the port is installed (they are relatively small)
> desktop-file-utils provides a utility to register gnumeric's .desktop file in the desktop file database and is not necessary after installation. (also small)
> If you have any other GNOME apps (actually GTK+ apps) installed, you should have most of these installed already as they are commonly used in that environment.
> Using otool, I can see that the ssconvert utility, itself, links with libraries provided by the following ports:
> atk
> cairo
> fontconfig
> freetype
> gdk-pixbuf2
> gettext
> glib2
> gnumeric
> goffice
> gtk3
> libgsf
> libxml2
> pango
> This is basically gtk3 and dependencies plus goffice and gnumeric.
> Unless you are really strapped for disk space, I would go ahead, build gnumeric and see what the additional disk space is.  I don't think it would be too
> much extra but then I have ALL the GNOME ports installed.  But if you only have a few command line utilities installed from MacPorts you might think it's a lot! Reality is probably somewhere in between. Your calibration may vary! :-).
> At any rate, you can remove it and its dependencies fairly easily if you decide it's not what you want.
> sudo port -f uninstall gnumeric rdepof:gnumeric
> Dave
Dave, thanks tons 8^) for providing that information. It looks like I already have most of the gtk stuff and lack only gdk-pixbuf2 and libgsf, besides goffice and gnumeric. However, your list doesn't cover all the dependencies for gnumeric itself. I'm not strapped for disk space and I want to keep it that way. I'll give this a try and see how it goes.


Well, not so good. After I installed gnumeric my /opt/local increased in size by 1.85 GB. Gnumeric was missing a bunch of icons and the help system so I installed gnome-themes-standard and yelp which added another 1.18 GB for a total of 3.03 GB added. (I already had a bunch of stuff installed so now my MacPorts directory is 10.2 GB.)

The worst part is that the spreadsheet -> LyX workflow that I was shooting for fails which is not a MacPorts problem since ssconvert is being found and used.

I'll probably fiddle around with this some more but in case I want to remove the 3.03 GB blob (gnumeric, gnome-themes-standard, yelp), what would I do? I've read the uninstall instructions for MacPorts more than once and am a little queazy that I'll do the wrong thing (dependents, dependencies), plus your suggestion above confuses me. Here's what I think I should do:

port uninstall --follow-dependencies gnumeric
port uninstall --follow-dependencies gnome-themes-standard
port uninstall --follow-dependencies yelp

I had thought that it might be possible to just keep ssconvert by moving it somewhere else but it is only 54 kB so obviously it uses other stuff as you found.


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