Does Gnome take up tons of disk space? It uses some Gnome stuff.

David Evans devans at
Wed Jul 8 03:25:31 PDT 2015

On 7/8/15 2:50 AM, Jerry wrote:
> Dave, thanks tons 8^) for providing that information. It looks like I already have most of the gtk stuff and lack only gdk-pixbuf2 and libgsf, besides goffice and gnumeric. However, your list doesn't cover all the dependencies for gnumeric itself. I'm not strapped for disk space and I want to keep it that way. I'll give this a try and see how it goes.
> ...later...
> Well, not so good. After I installed gnumeric my /opt/local increased in size by 1.85 GB. Gnumeric was missing a bunch of icons and the help system so I installed gnome-themes-standard and yelp which added another 1.18 GB for a total of 3.03 GB added. (I already had a bunch of stuff installed so now my MacPorts directory is 10.2 GB.)
Thanks for sharing these numbers.  Hopefully this may give some guidance 
to others who have similar concerns.
> The worst part is that the spreadsheet -> LyX workflow that I was shooting for fails which is not a MacPorts problem since ssconvert is being found and used.
> I'll probably fiddle around with this some more but in case I want to remove the 3.03 GB blob (gnumeric, gnome-themes-standard, yelp), what would I do? I've read the uninstall instructions for MacPorts more than once and am a little queazy that I'll do the wrong thing (dependents, dependencies), plus your suggestion above confuses me. Here's what I think I should do:
> port uninstall --follow-dependencies gnumeric
> port uninstall --follow-dependencies gnome-themes-standard
> port uninstall --follow-dependencies yelp
Yes, this should work and is, indeed, better than my original suggestion 
as it will not uninstall dependencies that are required by other 
installed ports.


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