Unable to install pike

Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Sun Jul 26 08:57:39 PDT 2015


----- On 26 Jul, 2015, at 17:27, Ted Kord teddy.kord at gmail.com wrote:

> I just did a port update outdated. Everything went well.
> I tried to install pike afterwards:
> sudo port install pike @7.6.112_6
> but got the error: "Error: org.macports.build for port pike returned: command
> execution failed".
> The main.log file is attached.

The problem is
  :info:build sed: RE error: illegal byte sequence

Our usual fix for this is to add
  build.env LANG=C
to the Portfile. Try doing that; you can get the location of the Portfile
using $(port file pike). If that helps, please tell us so we can commit this
change. Please note that the next selfupdate will usually revert this change,
so don't run selfupdate right after editing the file.

The pike port is also outdated. If you're interested in pike and would be
willing to maintain it, consider reading
(especially section 7.3).

Clemens Lang

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