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Wed Jun 3 07:39:29 PDT 2015

Macbook Pro, running os x yosemite. Installing Apache web server, PHP and
MySql using Macports.

In step 3 of the instructions, I was suppose to get this:


as a grep check return. Instead I get this:

default_socket_timeout = 60
pdo_mysql.default_socket=/opt/local/bin/mysql_config --socket
mysql.default_socket=/opt/local/bin/mysql_config --socket
mysqli.default_socket=/opt/local/bin/mysql_config --socket

I feel I am doing a pretty good job of following the instructions for

Step 3: MySQL setup for PHP

from the

there's not much online to explain this (unless you know the inside and out
of setting this up) which is what I was trying to avoid by using macports.
Any help would be appreciated

Rodney Odom

Phone: +1 215 840 2176

email: doubleburger123 at
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