[MacPorts] #47755: Broken symlink left by select code when selected port is deactivated causes poppler and other ports using aclocal to fail during configuration.

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Jun 23 15:08:31 PDT 2015

On Jun 23, 2015, at 4:13 PM, Christopher David Ramos wrote:
>> There is no inherent conflict between MacPorts and any given
>> software downloaded with git. Rather, there is (apparently, from what
>> you've told us) a conflict between MacPorts and the specific software
>> you downloaded with git, but that conflict would have been present 
>> regardless of how you downloaded the software; it has nothing at all 
>> to do with git. Git is just a program that lets you download things. 
>> It has no knowledge of whether those things you download are going
>> to conflict with other parts of your system.
> You are paraphrasing what I just said.

Not intentionally.

> My understanding is that Macport ports install there own libraries under
> the path prefix "/opt/local/" so as to prevent conflicts with and
> reliance out of date Apple libraries.

Well yes. I mean, MacPorts needs to install itself *somewhere*, some prefix. Bad choices for prefix would be /usr (that's where Apple installs stuff) and /usr/local (that's where compilers look for dependencies by default, and is where users expect to be able to install software manually). A good choice is therefore anywhere else. We chose /opt/local.

> Are you saying that it was only a
> fluke that a git project would have built files into Macports created
> directories?

Yes, that is what I was saying, where, again, by "git project", you mean "some software project that just so happens to do its development in a git repository". The use of git is incidental to the problem.

I was assuming that you had already resolved the original problem from the ticket referenced in the subject line, by removing the now-broken symlink(s) "port select wxwidgets" had created on your system (if you haven't done that yet, then you should do that now), and were encountering a new problem specific to this software you downloaded and built.

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