Rainer Müller raimue at
Sun Mar 1 14:25:17 PST 2015

On 2015-03-01 21:56, hweber wrote:
> sane-backends on macports is on @1.0.24. lists sane-genesys 1.0-63. 1.0-63 does not work unter OSX 10.10? What is the reason that macports stays at 1.0.24? My new scanner needs 1.0-63 ist there anywhere a solution?

Don't get confused by these version numbers. As listed on top of the
website, the current stable version of sane-backends is 1.0.24, which is
also the version MacPorts provides.

This version number 1.0-63 listed is for the genesys backend, which is
distributed as part of sane-backends.


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