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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 05:54:57 PDT 2015

For anyone interested in this kind of application: I just submitted a port for audacity.


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#47189: submission: audacity
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 I don't think I have to introduce Audacity to anyone here. What many may
 not realise though is that Audacity uses wxWidgets 2.8 (even the current
 2.1.0 release candidate), which means it cannot run in native, 64bit mode
 (and is tricky to build on OS X versions newer than 10.6).
 I think an audio editor can reap many benefits from running in 64bit, so I
 spent some time figuring out how to build Audacity against
 `port:wxgtk-2.8`, which *does* allow 64bit builds. The result is attached.
 Lost in the process are only 2 things:

 - QuickTime import, which depends on QuickTime. Sadly inevitable as QT is
 32bit only and the SDK is no longer shipped.
 - AudioUnit plugins. This is only because those depend on a UI that uses
 platform-specific APIs. An experienced wxWidgets programmer may actually
 be able to port that to something that builds against wxGTk.

 The shared libraries aside (MP3Lame and the FFMpeg libav libraries) I have
 tried to preserve as many of the data and config locations as possible, so
 that this and the Audacity "distribution version" share as much as

 This port uses `port:portaudio` and depends on a new patch for that port
 which has been submitted (https://trac.macports.org/ticket/47172). There
 are a few required components which are not in MacPorts and for which a
 local version is used: libsms, libsoxr, libvamp, portsmf and widgetextra.
 Audacity's configure script will detect and use the "system" versions when
 available, so it will be easy to adapt the port if any of these are
 considered useful beyond Audacity and added to MacPorts.

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