Get MacPorts to forget about my Fink install

Jan Stary hans at
Thu Oct 1 02:16:17 PDT 2015

On Sep 30 16:09:13, stephen.butler at wrote:
> I'm transitioning from Fink to MacPorts. When I initially setup my MacPorts
> install I *thought* I had removed all my Fink stuff from my path.

How exactly did you remove all your Fink stuff?
Be removing it "from your path", do you mean that you left it
installed in /sw, just removed /sw from your PATH?

> Everything was working and I was happy, so I deleted my /sw directory.
> But now I see that the MacPorts build system has picked up /sw/bin/gnutar
> (among, possibly, other things I haven't discovered).

This means that you have *not* removed /sw before building MacPorts.

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