Get MacPorts to forget about my Fink install

Stephen J. Butler stephen.butler at
Mon Oct 5 21:54:32 PDT 2015

On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 4:16 AM, Jan Stary <hans at> wrote:

> On Sep 30 16:09:13, stephen.butler at wrote:
> > I'm transitioning from Fink to MacPorts. When I initially setup my
> MacPorts
> > install I *thought* I had removed all my Fink stuff from my path.
> How exactly did you remove all your Fink stuff?
> Be removing it "from your path", do you mean that you left it
> installed in /sw, just removed /sw from your PATH?

I had removed the ". /sw/bin/" from my .profile and restarted my
Terminal sessions. At least... I thought I had restarted them all...

> > Everything was working and I was happy, so I deleted my /sw directory.
> > But now I see that the MacPorts build system has picked up /sw/bin/gnutar
> > (among, possibly, other things I haven't discovered).
> This means that you have *not* removed /sw before building MacPorts.

Yeah :( I think maybe I didn't expect a source build of MacPorts to capture
stuff from /sw, but it obviously did. I later scanned my
/opt/local/{bin,lib} with find+otool looking for linkage against /sw and
didn't find any. But then I found it baked into a couple python modules
(distutils and numpy). So just to be sure I rebuilt all my ports after I
had rm -fr /sw.
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