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Bachsau web at bachsau.name
Fri Oct 2 09:12:39 PDT 2015

William H. Magill wrote on 02.10.2015 17:21:
> Some vendors mad “backwards compatibility a priority. Most did not — upgrade the OS, switch vendors, work cross-platform - you were on your own.

Sadly this this is true, even though it wouldn't have to.

> It’s Apple’s way or the highway. They know what is best for you.

True, but it wouldn't be better without it, as you know by yourself. It 
has some downsides, but on the other hand, Apple enforces a clear line 
so everything inside their universe works smoothly together. Microsoft 
for a long time didn't, and as we can see nothing worked together. Every 
software does everything on it's own. Every Mailer and Messenger has its 
own contact list and bookmarks. Everything uses its own protocol. 
Nothing is in sync. Same applies to Linux, especialy in times when 
freedesktop.org didn't exist to propose some standards.

> Without MacPorts, you would have to figure out why XXX suddenly no longer worked and then try to fix it all by yourself.
> And that utterly ignores the fact that you would have had to have ported the software to your situation all by yourself.

You are also right on this. When I began to use a mac, I thought that 
Apple would care more about the unix base and compatibillity. As an 
everyday Linux user, I'm used to do much things through a command line. 
It would be almost impossible for me to get everything I used to work 
with working on my Mac's console without macports.

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